The adjustable anvil cylinder by Spilker

The further development of the Variabase offers even more flexibility and precision and facilitates a maximum fine adjustment of the gap.

Spilker MicroGap für die exakte Spaltmaßeinstellung

Thanks to the compact construction the installation in the cutting station is as easy as with a normal anvil cylinder. No adjustments are necessary at the cutting station.


Absolutely precise and easy handling

The gap can be precisely changed by fine adjustment in steps of 0,5 microns. The adjustmentis made with one movement absolutely synchronously on machine side and operator side so that parallelism is always guaranteed. The standard adjustable range is ± 0,03 mm but individual adjustable ranges are also available on request.

Your advantages

  • Finest adjustment of the gap to adapt the cutting impression on the support material
  • Compensation of different thicknesses of support material
  • Longer life-time of your cutting tools
  • Simple exchange with the existing anvil cylinder
  • Practically maintenance-free – no oiling / lubricating necessary
  • Cutting from the backside possible

Are you interested in our MicroGap?

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